Fibromyalgia Relief – Pain Relief That Works

80% of study participants reported zero pain, and everyone felt improvements.

Turn off your fight-or-flight stress response and you too will feel better.

Hello – my name is Lars Clausen. A year ago I used The ICE Method in a study that helped 80% of the people I worked with to have zero pain from their fibromyalgia symptoms.  I can show you a really simple way to turn off your fight-or-flight stress response and start feeling better.

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Clinic Study - Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Delivered

The Tools for Fibromyalgia Pain Symptom Relief

Lars Clausen - Developer of The ICE Method

Lars Clausen
Fibromyalgia Relief

Since my Fibromyalgia Pain Relief study, I’ve been providing sessions for clients and and creating resources to help anyone reduce or eliminate their fibromyalgia symptoms. These fibromyalgia pain relief tools include:

  • The ICE Method Fibromyalgia Relief Video Course – an online video course including over 30 instructional videos
  • The MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community – a membership network that can support you in getting better, including a newsletter and bi-weekly webinars with instructions, demonstrations, and question/answer features.
  • ICE Method Personal Sessions – as time permits I continue to offer personal sessions.

Simple. Easy. Calm.

As I put all these tools together I kept getting advice to create splashy stuff and special offers to attract attention and get the word out FAST. That approach ended up feeling stressful and not at all good.

I’m opting instead to trust that RESULTS speak for themselves, and as people experience The ICE Method, this community will grow because it helps bring health to those who suffer.

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Turn off your Fight-or-Flight Stress to get Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

Affordable  MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community

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If you had $100,000 to spend on getting rid of fibromyalgia, my guess is you’d gladly pay that money to get your life back. Yet few people have those resources. So, even though I know the ICE Method can be invaluable, I’ve made these tools really inexpensive.

Join the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community for 99-cents a day and you get a five-day free trial where you get full access to everything.  You even get to read read the entire full text of the FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF book. And if you don’t stay on as a member, keep the eBook.

I believe that membership in this community can be a game-changer for anyone with fibromyalgia. If for some reason it doesn’t make sense at this point in your life, or if the 99-cents a day is even too much, you can check it out for five days for free and get some valuable tools for your life at no cost.

Who benefits from The ICE Method and Fibromyalgia Relief?

When the fifty trillion cells of your body move out of an activated stress mode and into a calm and restful state, you will feel better. You don’t have to believe this, just be open to the simple experience of becoming aware of the calm state. Rest mode is healthier than stress mode for our bodies – and it’s surprisingly easy to experience this. No drugs, no surgeries, no nutiritional adjustments – just calm.

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FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF - The Book: The how and why of pain relief
      • If you’re open to the exploration, I expect you’ll feel better once you become aware of the calm state.
      • If you’re not receptive to even experimenting with stepping out of stressful reactivity, then this probably won’t be the process for you. You do have to be willing to show up for the game and be willing to play – that’s all.
      • Showing up can be hard, because reactivity mode is a habit almost all of us have developed since early childhood. It’s a pattern so deeply a part of our lives that most of us haven’t ever discovered that calm can be our default state.
      • This is why the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community is so important. The ICE Method is very simple and easy to learn – but the pattern of stress is so familiar that we need a reminding community as we discover how to make calm the default state for the fifty trillion cells of our body.

If you’re not ready to try The ICE Method, no problem. If you are ready, I commit to you to continue doing everything I can to help your reduce or eliminate your symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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Author – FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF: A Science Based Approach to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit
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