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This past week I completed the installation of iDev affiliate onto MyFibromyalgiaRelief.  Now anyone who wants to can be a financial partner in

Almost every time, whenever I help people learn The ICE Method, they want to talk to their friends and let them know they’re feeling better.  I’m counting on people doing this kind of talking, and sharing online – if The ICE Method is going to become available to many, it will take the voices of many.

So, why not let people join the business, as long as they’re talking and telling anyway?  The affiliate program lets people share the income when someone signs up as a result of their introduction.  The iDev affiliate program is a professional service that includes all the banner and link information for online communication as well as a simple coupon code that provides a discount for in person over-the-fence and coffee-shop conversations. 

I’ll have more information about all this soon,  launch is set to happen this week, just before I speak in Canada this Saturday at the CANADA EFT TAPPERS GATHERING in Vancouver (

If you’re in a hurry to check out the affiliate program, visit the REVENUE GENERATION page.  The answer is yes, we’re ready to take both website and affiliate memberships now.

Almost launch time!