The Calm Mind Check


I’ve started thinking about a book to present The ICE Method as simply as possible. Playing around with something like RECIPE FOR A CALM MIND. Your thoughts? Below is The Calm Mind Check – a quick way to see if or where The ICE Method can help.

The Calm Mind Check:

If you’re storing upset emotion you’re harming your mental and physical health. Take this simple Calm Mind Check to see whether you’re storing upsets in your mind and body.

Pick an issue:
Choose any upsetting issue, experience, or memory from your past, your present or your future. This will work as long as you’re not facing an immediate threat. If you’ve done counseling for an issue, or if you have an issue that you feel you’ve resolved, these would be good things to check. Anything that has or had an upset will do.

Check for emotion:
Check your issue, really pay attention to it. You may “understand” everything about this issue and why it happened, and why it makes “sense.” But that’s not what matters. What matters is whether or not you can feel any upset emotion when you recall the issue.

Do you feel anger, fear, sadness, or another emotion? Pay attention and see what’s there.

Check your body:
If you do feel an upset emotion, check to see if you also have a feeling arising somewhere in your body. You might feel a tightness in your chest, a gurgle in your stomach, a constriction in your throat, ache in your jaw, pain in your head or behind your eyes, or something else. Or you might not feel anything.

The Calm Mind Check
If you do this check and you honestly don’t feel any emotion or any sensation in your body – then you’ve probably reconsolidated whatever upset chemistry stored at the time of the event. If so, that’s fantastic. But it’s rare.

This book is for all those people who can identify stored upset emotions.

For most of us, when we check, we can still feel the upset emotions. Most of us can feel those emotions all the way back to childhood. We can still name the upset emotions, and we can still feel them in our body. They have stored as chemistry, and they’ve stored for decades.

This stored chemistry continues to affect what feels safe and dangerous for us. It continues to affect our physical and mental health. Why? Because the chemistry that signals the cells in our body, is the same chemistry that stores the emotional content of our memories. It’s also the same chemistry that makes our body respond to fight/flight/freeze stress in the present moment and about future anxieties.

The chemistry created from our emotions plays a central role in our lives and in our health. If you felt something when you paid attention to your upset then that chemistry is affecting you right now. This is true even if the event occurred decades ago.

The recipe for a calm mind will replace stored
upset chemistry with molecules that feel calm.

The recipe for a calm mind will allow you to turn off your fight/flight/freeze stress and restore your body and mind to calm.

Try out the Calm Mind Check for other issues. For virtually every person on this planet, our lives are hugely influenced by stored upsets. The recipe for a calm mind provides an easy and direct way to replace these upsets with calm. It’s based on the science of how the brain stores memories and how the cells of the body function. The method is simple and reliable.

Consider the difference to your life
if you weren’t feeling anxious, upset, angry,
stressed, afraid, sad, or hopeless.

I have worked with hundreds of people using The Recipe for a calm mind. I’ve worked with some super-stressed people, and also some people carrying great sadness. When you replace the stored emotional chemistry with the chemistry of calm – lives change – quickly.

If you’re like almost everyone else – carrying around stored upsets – then the recipe for a calm mind will be a valuable tool for your life.

Enjoy the recipe. Enjoy your life!

Good wishes,

Lars Clausen