Canada EFT Gathering Presentation – Nov. 16, 2013

Canada EFT Gathering with Lars Clausen and other presenters

The 2013 Canada EFT Presenters

At the Canada EFT Gathering 2013, I presented THE SCIENCE OF EFT.  I’ve had a chance to produce the presentation I gave last weekend in Vancouver.  EFT folks love The ICE Method and Memory Reconsolidation.  Memory Reconsolidation, as far as I can tell explains the brain science of WHY EFT WORKS, and that’s a wonderful thing to know.

When you undersand WHY your healing process works you gain confidence in the method and greater predictability in the results.  EFT is well-know for achieving the “10-minute wonder,” that cures a person almost instantly from a long-standing issue.  Other times many sessions are required before a result is achieved, and other times no results are achieved.  The science of Memory Reconsolidation gives us a much better handle on what is happening in the brain and the body when a healing is experienced, or when a healing evades the client and practitioner. 

I hope this Canada EFT Gathering presentation of “The Science of  EFT,” will help you whether you’re using The ICE Method, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or some other methodology to relieve your symptoms.