Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Community

This is a membership area of the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community. 

As  you begin using The ICE Method to relieve your fibromyalgia symptoms, the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community is here to help you.  It’s a private social network that allows you create friendships, join groups, and participate in forums with others on the journey to fibromyalgia pain relief. . See what others are experiencing in their journey to health and wholeness.  Learn from them and share your own experiences.  In this community you can:

  • make friends
  • share posts
  • join existing groups
  • learn by reading and posting to existing forums
  • create your own groups – either open to everyone or a private group of friends
  • Include a forum in your group for learning and sharing on specific topics
  • get help and enjoy better health.
  • be a help to others on their journey to wellness.

The MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community requires membership…but…here’s the great deal, when you sign up you get the first five days free to use everything on the site as a full member.  You can of course cancel at any time, but if you find in the first five days that this is not what you’re looking for – there’s no charge.  You get access to everything as soon as you sign up – and the first five days are free.



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