Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Sessions using The ICE Method

FFibromyalgia Pain Relief Sessions -  Lars Clausen - The ICE MethodInterested in Personal Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Sessions?


I schedule personal sessions as often as I can fit them into my schedule. We will meet either in person here in Chelan, WA. or using Google Hangouts or Skype for an online session.  If you’d like to schedule a session with me, I look forward to our time together.


My hoped for outcomes are that you’ll get relief for whatever particular issue you wish to address and that you’ll become much better at having calm be the default state from which you live your life.

The benefits you can expect to enjoy from personal sessions include.

  1. Understanding: Being able to give you instant feedback during a session allows me to ensure that you’re understanding The ICE Method and using it as powerfully as possible.
  2. Listening: Having an outside listener is almost always beneficial during a change process.  In the case of The ICE Method, this process of listening to emotions and resolving to calm is so different from most people’s regular experience. An outside listener can keep the process flowing smoothly.
  3. Depth: As an outside listener, I can help direct our sessions to make more progress with your life experiences and issues than you might normally achieve alone.

A Typical Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Session

Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes long.  Sessions can be done in person for those living close to Chelan, Washington.  For those living at a distance, equal results can be achieved via skype, or by telephone. Noticeable results are often achieved in the first session.  Full resolution of issues can range from one to ten sessions. If there are no results, there is no charge.

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Session Payment:.

Single sessions are billed at $120.  For almost all people I work with I end up recommending three to five session so a person can have the best possible opportunity to learn to have calm become the default state for your daily living.  For those who wish, I offer a 5-session package at $100 savings – 5 sessions for $500.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your experience, we’ll talk together and figure out a best way forward – either an additional session to see if we can resolve the issue, or a refund of your payment.  I guarantee satisfaction for everyone I work with. 


Read and understand:

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