Fibromyalgia Relief – Session 2 w/Tamara Staples – Food Aversion

When Tamara checked in ten days after her first ICE Method session she wrote:

Tamara Staples

I am now convinced the ICE Method can work on ANYTHING! But not sure how to tackle this one. I had a lot of abuse around food and just in general at the dinner table when I was a kid. Serious enough that I would vomit up my food at times. To this day, I gag on vegetables and fruits. I literally can’t stop myself. Also things like potato salad, cole slaw…all the things I was made to eat until I would be sick on them.

We decided this would be the topic for her second session.  I asked if she might have a bit of fruit and/or vegetable available, just in case we got to the point of testing.

I will. I will have both a fruit and veggie available and we can see how it goes. It is pretty deep-seated. Just the thought right now brings up the gag reflex. If we could get rid of it… that would be something that no amount of therapy has been able to do to date. 🙂

To give you the conclusion – Tamara ate that orange and that celery stick by the end of this session.As she wrote me later that afternoon; “Thank you, again, for a phenomenal session today! I am still amazed. I went downstairs and ate celery and orange in front of my husband. He was amazed! 🙂

The Internet connection was poor so we had to stop and restart the session.  You can watch the last 20 minutes first, if you wish, where Tamara drops all her anxiety and calmly eats a fruit and a vegetable for the first time in thirty years.  If you want to see how The ICE Method helped her move from gagging at the thought of these foods to eating them calmly, you can watch the full session as well.

Conclusion of Food Aversion Session with Tamara:

Part One of the Food Aversion Session with Tamara

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