Fibromyalgia – Two Minutes to Holiday Stress Relief.

Holidays always make me remember when I served as a pastor – great time for many, but for lots and lots of people, holidays feel awful.  Peptides! Now I know something that can help – The ICE Method.

One of the primary questions to ask when you’re feeling stress is whether that stress is from a present danger that can physically injure you RIGHT NOW.  If not, then why is your body reacting as if that stress could harm or even kill you. Why did your body go into full on fight/flight/freeze response when you came to the checkout line and found 12 people in line ahead of you.  Why is your body in stress mode as your holiday guests show up an hour early in the middle of you peeling potatoes for the holiday dinner?  If the stress issue can’t physically injure you RIGHT NOW, then you can easily learn a simple method, The ICE Method, to turn off your stress response.  Once you turn off your stress response your body will be back in a mode of rest and restoration even though you’re in the middle of a big-deal situation.  Amazing, but true.  And simple using the ICE Method.

Here’s a simplified little video that can help anyone experience the relief of MEMORY RECONSOLIDATION in less than two minutes.  Check it out and share it with anyone you know who may have fibromyalgia, holiday stress, or both.