Affiliate Program Welcome – Getting Started!

Welcome to the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community Affiliate Program.

I’m DEEPLY grateful you signed up to let people know they can reduce or eliminate fibromyalgia pain.  And I’m VERY interested in this program being a financial benefit to you – especially if I can help you and others create  bread-and-butter income for yourself and those who depend on you.

Not signed up yet?

When I discovered I could help people create incomes and businesses, right alongside of helping people experience physical and emotional pain relief, I was so excited.

There are millions of people suffering from fibromyalgia and this is the only program specifically focused on using memory reconsolidation to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms. There’s a huge opportunity here for us to make big differences in the lives of many people.  It’s a community effort – and I thank you.

What’s available right now:

When you log in to your affiliate account, you’ll find the following resources available to help you start promoting the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community and generating income: 

  • You’ll simply copy the code provided and add these to your own website, or use them on social media, blogs and other places of conversation and information.
  • When a visitor clicks you get credit for an immediate or even a later purchase, even up to 90 days later.
  • Thanks to SalmonBerryDesigns for creating these graphics.

If you have Web Page Space where you can insert graphics:

If you have a website, a blog, or other space where you can add a graphic, the banner, page peel, and lightbox will help you bring traffic to MyFibromyalgiaRelief.

The Banner:

When a visitor clicks on this banner they open up  Whether they sign up for memebership now or later, you get commission credit.

The Page Peel:

Here’s a standout graphic to bring attention to MyFibromyalgiaRelief.  You’ll most likely put this at the top of a page, scroll back up to view this peel.

The Lightbox:

Click on this flashy little graphic and you get a lightbox announcement of MyFibromyalgiaRelief.    The Lightbox requires an additional step – you need to paste HTML code into the HEAD of your web page.  If you have a webmaster, just copy the code and email it to them.  If you manage your own website, just insert the HEAD code if you already know how, otherwise you can search for instructions for whatever content system you’re using for your site.

For Everyone – whether you have a website or not:

The Affiliate Link: Affliliate Progrtam
Click on this image to log in to your affiliate account and view your affiliate link

Copy your affiliate link from your account, and then share it.  Every time someone clicks on this link it takes them to the home page of – and you get credit if they sign up as a member.

Your affiliate link is especially good for emails when you’re sharing with friends. It can also work for websites and social media, but we have specially made graphics if you have web space to insert graphics.

The Affiliate Number:

Every Affiliate has a unique NUMBER that’s great for in-person contacts affiliate program
Click on this image to login to your affiliate account and view your AFFILIATE NUMBER

Use this SPECIAL OFFER so you get affiliate credit:

When you tell someone in person about you can get your affiliate credit if they go to the promotions page and enter your number.  Why would a person do this for you? Your number gets them a free month of full membership in the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community.  Tell them to to go the PROMOTION page and enter their Promotion Code (your affiliate number).  When they enter their Promotion Code you get affiliate credit, and they get a free full month of membership. affiliate program
Click on the link above to try out the Promotion page.  Enter your Affiliate Number and the free month’s membership page opens right up.
Coming Soon:
  1. A graphically designed PDF information sheet.
  2. A pre-written email with your affiliate link already attached.

Thank you:

This page is filled with energy for me,

  • the energy of new people finding relief at the
  • the energy of affiliates making a difference in the lives others
  • the energy of income coming into your life for your financial needs.

Thank you so much, good wishes as you begin, let us know however we can be most helpful.

Lars  Clausen