Affiliate Program for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

People talk about health a LOT.

MyFibromyalgiaRelief Affiliate ProgramAnd as you feel better using The ICE Method, you’re going to be telling others.

Generate Income by sharing your health story.

I thought a lot about whether to create a money-generating affiliate program – and I’m choosing to do so for three reasons.

  1. Lots of people have fibromyalgia:
    In the U.S. alone, approximately five million people suffer from fibromyalgia. There are many people looking for pain relief.
  2. Any way to get the word out helps:
    An affiliate program creates an intentional way to encourage the sharing of The ICE Method story.
  3. High commission rates create business opportunities for others.
    For a seriously interested person, an affiliate program could make a real financial difference.  See some example numbers below.

A Real Financial Difference

As an additional benefit to helping you reduce or eliminate your fibromyalgia symptoms, I’d love to help make a financial difference in your life.  That’s why I’ve set the initial affiliate percentage at a full 33% of the membership fees, Based on sales, the commission can grow to as high as 50%.  And your commission will continue each month (or year) for as long as your contact remains a member.

Recurring commission payments mean your commission income is cumulative.  Instead of onetime payments, your monthly commission will grow each time you add a paying member to your list. (you will need a FREE PayPal Standard Account to receive payments – watch this brief video or click here if you need to set up your FREE business account with PayPal)

Recurring commissions is why MyFibromyalgiaRelief affiliates can create a significant business income.

Sell once – and receive a commission check each month for as long as that person is a member. Affiliate Program

Check out the Affiliate Program

If you bring ten new members paying monthly memberships you’ll generate a check for yourself of $98 per month (minus the credit card processing fee). If you make a business out of helping others to learn about The ICE Method and join the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community the numbers can add up to a pretty good living.

  • Once you reach 20 members your commission rate rises to 41%.
    Introducing 100 new members who pay monthly memberships to will generate more than $1100 per month, over $13,000 per year.
  • If you really take this on, you’ll generate a recurring commission of 50% per new member once you reach 200 new members.

Perhaps you want to tell just a few close friends and earn a fun-money check just for talking about the difference The ICE Method is making for you.

Or perhaps you can imagine the satisfaction of assisting many people to discover The ICE Method. Just as it did for you, the ICE Method can be a life changing experience for others. If this is your passion, why not make it your business? Imagine helping 200, 500, or even 1000 people to experience The ICE Method.

Not for Everyone

I’m not expecting everyone to become an affiliate member, but I do want to make it available to every active member of the MyFibromyalgiaRelief community.

  • Bringing just three new people to would pay for your membership- a good thing.
  • And bringing those particular three new people to The ICE Method will create the possibility of life-changing experiences for three more individuals who have suffered from fibromyalgia – a great way to make a difference.
  • And for some – imagine multiplying this by dozens or by hundreds.

If sharing your story and earning income might be for you –

A professionally managed affiliate program:

If you do choose to become a MyFibromyalgiaRelief affiliate, I want it to be a great experience for you.  That’s why I set up the affiliate program with IDevAffiliate, a longstanding, and highly trusted program for serving affiliate memberships, tracking commissions, and making payments.

IDevAffiliate has an administrative area just for MyFibromyalgiaRelief members.  It also provides all the necesaary affiliate links, and the optional banners and other marketing materials you may want to use.

Thank you

Thanks for considering whether this might be for you.  Whether or not you ultimately choose to become an affiliate – I thank you for sharing your experiences of The ICE Method with others. Together we can make as a big a difference as possible for the sake of health and well-being.


Lars Clausen
Developer of The ICE Method


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