The ICE Method – Instructions and Examples

Happy New Year!  Here’s a LIVE EVENT session use can use to learn more and practice the ICE Method for yourself.

In this LIVE EVENT Video I share two personal examples of using The ICE Method.  In the first example a pattern of control arose from my early childhood patterns.  Those early patterns showed up at a conversation last night with family and friends, and the agitation was still with me this morning when I awoke.  Here’s how I used The ICE Method to reconsolidate an old pattern.  In the second example I was using New Year’s morning yesterday to think about developing the MyFibromyalgiaRelief Community.  And when I think about things now, I think about them through the ICE Method.  Along with my thoughts I am almost always paying attention to whatever emotions show up.  And yesterday, the thoughts led to an extended personal session of using  The ICE Method.  You could call that a business application of The ICE Method.  The result was a greater sense of freedom about making decisions in the year ahead.

All the best wishes for a year of The ICE Method in your life,
Lars  Clausen