Introducing Daimon Sweeney –


Daimon Sweeney uses “neuro-mapping” to clear obstacle and create clarity in life – it’s a quick and very creative process based in Memory Reconsolidation

One of these coming years, I’m confident that Memory Reconsolidation is going to be like “gluten-free,” everyone will be talking about it.  For now, though, almost no one is talking about Memory Reconsolidation outside the laboratory.  That’s why I’m so glad to know Daimon Sweeney and call him my friend – almost every week we have an online session to explore both the science and the practice of memory reconsolidation.  This website, is all about the application of Memory Reconsolidation – today I”m pleased to introduce you to Daimon’s work.  His new website is up, and it even includes three videos that let you experience neuro-mapping for yourself.  He’s posted these videos in advance of the class he’s offering that begins on March 18.

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