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“We are one unit, mind and body are not disconnected in any way.” Dr. John Sarno

Lars Clausen comments on John Sarno's book The Divided Mind

The MindBody Connection in Medical Practice

If Lars Clausen says that in Fibromyalgia Relief – so what… But these are the words of Dr. John Sarno the NY Times bestselling author of Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. I’m sharing the following interview about his book The Divided Mind This interview might be useful for you if you’re wondering – “can the pain relief results of Fibromyalgia Relief really be true?”

  1. John Sarno – unlike me is – a real practicing, teaching, researching medical doctor, and he’s been around awhile, he’s in his 90’s now. He graduated in 1950 from The Columbia College of Physicians, and is retired professor of Rehabilitation Medicine (New York University School of Medicine) and former attending physician (Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University).
  2. His medical practice is based on the mind and body being fully connected. His experience is that many many illnesses, way more than fibromyalgia, are treatable by becoming aware of this connection. He’s treated thousands of people, especially for back, neck, and shoulder pain, but other issues as well.
  3. And he’s sad – sad that the medical profession at large and most individual doctors are not open to understanding mind body in this healing way. Evan after a half century, perhaps especially because its been a half century, he doesn’t feel accepted or listened to (even with his degrees and his results.) As he says in the interview below, “I think that’s the way it is for people who become aware of something new.”
  4. Even with all his credentials, he finds himself an outsider – that might be useful for you to know as you enter into Fibromyalgia Relief – as he says of his work, “It’s a whole new world.”
  5. In Sarno’s experience, only 10-20% of the people in our culture are open to understanding that the mind-body connection is fundamental to the experience and the healing of illness. As he says, “this is extremely sad.” But, to those who are open, there’s is much healing to be experienced.

Welcome to you as you consider accessing an awareness of the mind-body connection that can bring emotional and physical pain relief to your life.

The Five Part Interview of Dr John Sarno – “The Divided Mind.”






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From The Divided Mind, The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders, quoted in the article, “How America’s Best Pain Doctor – John Sarno – Took On the Medical Establishment and Won.” “Over six million Americans suffering from the mysterious and excruciating painful ailment called “fibromyalgia” are being treated by an army of self-minted specialists, not one of whom has a clue as to what causes the disorder.”