Launch Date Set  Pain Relief Website set to launchJust emailed out to my entire list of friends, family, and clients – early announcement for next week’s launch.  Hearing back already from folks – its a big moment, two months of technical development, a year of writing in advance of that – now its public.  From isolated creativity to now entering the public conversation, supporting others in their journey, and finding connection points on the Web, through organizations, and in the medical and healing communities.  A new stage of the adventure begins.


Hi There,

You know me either as friend, family, or someone I’ve worked with using The ICE Method.

If you’ve known me a long while, you may be grinning once again, wondering what’s showing up in my life this time. If you know me from working with The ICE Method, you’re going to be excited that I’ve put together one book, many videos, and a number of online social tools. These resources will help me to help more people with a project I love so very much – helping others experience physical and emotional pain relief.

Something New!

After the past few years of living and learning in the healing world, I’m pleased to expand from offering personal healing sessions to now making The ICE Method available as an online learning tool and social community.

Based in Science

Because the method is based in neuroscience and cellular biology, the technique works for many varied cases of emotinal or physical pain. In personal sessions I have worked with many different circumstances.


To start out online, I’m focusing on a single issue – fibromyalgia. There will be other specific groups to work with in the future, but I’m starting out paying direct attention to people who have fibromyalgia – at If you have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or other chronic pain, this might be of personal interest. Or you may know someone you wish to share this with.I’ve found the technique remarkable effective.

Launching Next Week

The official new website launch is next Tuesday, after I get back from speaking on “The Science of EFT” at the 2013 Canada Tappers Gathering in Vancouver. You’re welcome to take a look now if you wish. I’ll even give you the coupon code for the launch special – INTRO.

  • an entire month free trial of the MyFibromyalgiaRelief community and resources.
  • Includes full access to the 30+ video ICE Method course
  • And a free download of FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF that you can keep, whether or not you remain a member.
  • Cancel anytime during the 30-day free trial and you will not be billed.

If you do want to check it out ahead of next week’s launch, go to this page and enter the coupon code – INTRO — to get your full free month of membership.
Every time I’ve launched into something new, whether windmills, unicycles, or now healing, I’ve been very aware that gracious help and encouragement has always been near. Thank you, I’m so happy to be sharing this with you – more next week,


If you do end up at, please keep your eye open for corrections and improvements. Drop me a note so I can keep developing this work and making it better over time. Thank you!