Oxygen deficit a cause of chronic fibromyalgia pain?

Too little oxygen causes pain

Too Little Oxygen Causes Pain?

I read The Divided Mind by John Sarnos, who writes about chronic pain

The brain orders a reduction of blood flow to a specific part of the body, resulting in mild oxygen deprivation, which causes pain and other symptoms, depending on what tissues have been oxygen deprived.

Sarno, John E. (2009-10-13). The Divided Mind (p. 11). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

There are two interesting points here.

  1. Do localized oxygen deficits cause localized pain?
  2. Can the brain order a targeted message to reduce oxygen to a specific organ or region of the body?

To answer the second question first – maybe this is actually what happens in The ICE Method – we’re changing emotions, which changes peptides, which changes instructions to the body. Perhaps low oxygen levels are restored to normal in this process?

To anwer the first question – does low oxygenation cause pain, I started looking on the Internet. In all my reading about fibromyalgia pain I hadn’t come across one reference to low oxygen levels.  Once I searched, it’s clear that others have considered and written about low oxygen and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Majid Ali includes a discussion of peptides along with his explanation of the effect of low oxygen

And on a chronic fatigue syndrome website (Cort Johnson, www.cortjohnson.org) I found reference to low oxygen specifically involved in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

How does low oxygen fit in with The ICE Method?

The low oxygen explanation sounds reasonable to me.  I’ll keep my ears open for more information.  If it holds up, here’s how I can imagine it fitting into the results people get with The ICE Method.

The question really is – IF too little oxygen is the cause of fibromyalgia pain, then WHAT IS THE CAUSE of too little oxygen in the body.  And…why does The ICE Method provide relief for the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia?  What’s going on?

As Candace Pert shows in MOLECULES OF EMOTION, peptides in our body are created in response to our emotions.  Peptides send instructions to our mind and to the cells of our body.  If that instruction can raise or lower oxygen levels, then The ICE Method would fit well with this explanation of pain.

In The ICE Method, people typically experience remarkably fast reductions in their pain levels.  If changing oxygen levels can be caused by Identifying, Calming, and Exchanging peptides, then here’s another piece of understanding to help people feel better.

It’s possible to use The ICE Method without understanding why it works, but every piece we come to understand makes the tool more flexible and useful than before.

Oxygen – I’ll be following this trail for awhile to see what it dishes up.

Thanks for sharing the journey,