Memory Reconsolidation for my fear of controversy

The ICE Method – A Personal Experience of Memory Reconsolidation

When you use The ICE Method for Memory Reconsolidation, you begin a journey that may grow larger and more wonderful than you imagined. After the immediate physical pain that may have brought you to The ICE Method, the tool of ICE’ing can be relevant to every aspect of your life, anything that shows up not calm.Today I found myself in bed until 9:30 on this Saturday morning, after three hours of exploration and peptide replacement using The ICE Method.


My jaw was aching again this morning, and my ears were ringing again, very atypical for me, but something that’s been occuring on and off the last few weeks.  Paying attention to what was on my mind, I realized that building this online myfibromyalgiarelief community was feeling like hard work this morning, and I felt frustrated (angry).  The reason for this post is to share my process with other ICEr’s, as well as to provide a bit of public journal of my ongoing journey with ICE.

The anger emotion is what mattered this morning.  The fact of the matter is that I’m probably one of a just a small handful of people in the whole world who have centered their work on the discovery of memory reconsolidation.  The fact is that the process is delivering powerful results to people who engage it.  The fact is that people are slowly but steadily discovering The ICE Method.  None of these facts mattered this morning.  What mattered was the emotion – frustration – anger.

Using The ICE Method:

In this post I’m assuming you know The ICE Method process, if not use the website to learn it.  After a round of ICE what came up was the people I am trying to serve, and my anger with the fact that so many people with fibromyalgia have an anger response when anything relating to emotion comes up.  The reaction makes perfect sense – doctors have told so many people with fibromyalgia that “it’s all in your head.”  Whenever the word EMOTION is mentioned, people react as if their pain is being dismissed as not real.  The fact, according to Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton and other brain and cell researchers is this – yes, the pain is real, and yes stored peptides in the body are giving instructions that are resulting in pain, and yes, at least some of these peptides were created and then stored in the body as the emotional response to real life experiences. 


After a round of ICE on this, the emotion that arose was fear – I have a fear of creating controversy for people, of affronting people and causing them an emotional reaction.  As is so common when using ICE (the issue is rarely if ever about the other person or situation) – I discovered some peptides I’ve stored from another experience in my life that is creating my reaction.  In this case, the role I took on as a kid in my family was the communicator between my mom and dad.  Preventing controversy has a lot of experiences and stored peptides for me. Sharing The ICE Method and the role of emotional peptides brought up fear for me when I faced an environment where fibromyalgia has been dismisses as purely emotional, “all in the head.”

ICE’ing on this I felt my jaw pain disappear.  The feeling of WORK that had been with my on my waking, turned to peace about developing the MyFibromyalgiaRelief community and sharing The ICE Method.  Fear dissipated. Anger left. In essence, my reactivity from stored peptides was replaced with calm petpides that put my body back in rest mode and allowed me to choose actions instead of reactions for developing this community.  Pretty cool result from replacing a bit of chemistry in they synapses of stored memories.


The ringing in my ear subsided in volume and changed pitch – but didn’t go entirely away.  For the next hour, because it was a lazy Saturday morning, I went back and forth between the calm space and the tone in my ear,  ICE’ing emotions that arose, experiences I remembered, and the physical sounds I was hearing, kept going back into the calm space, deeper and deeper. This is what I mean about the journey of The ICE Method.  As I continue to ICE aspects of my life as they arise, I am gaining a sense that the calm space lies behind all of my reactivity in life.  As more and more calm comes into my awareness, I have begun to wonder what calm connects to.  When I began using The ICE Method, calm was a tool for replacing peptides.  Now, as time goes on, Calm feels more and more like a doorway to something more. 

Non-Attachment, The ICE Method, and Memory Reconsolidation:

In the wisdom traditions around the globe, it’s very common to read of “non-attachment” as a characteristic of the spiritual journey.  “Non-attachment” is explicitly promoted in Buddhism, including the Tibetan tradition. The ICE Method is a scientific process of creating non-attachment to previous emotional peptide storage in our life.  When I first began using The ICE Method, I was comiing from a very reactive perspective in my life – I was ICE as a tool for managing a reactive world, for changing peptides to get a certain result in this reactive world, eliminating pain, or calming anxiety, or whatever.  As time goes on, I am experience ICE less as a way of managing my reactive world, and more as a way of gaining awareness of non-reactivity (non-attachment) as a way of experiencing daily life.  When I began I felt more like I had something solid – concrete. Now I feel more and more that I have a process for a journey – some surprising doors have opened with ICE – perhaps unknown passages still lie ahead, journeys I cannot even imagine from my current awareness.

Calm and Peace,