The Power of Habit and the Power of The ICE Method

Habits, or The Patterns of Reactivity, is something I’ll probably address often here in the blog and in the MyFibromyalgiaRelief community. Our habits are the actions we make in response to the synaptic connections in our brain.  These brain patterns inform our decisions about what actions are safe, and which are dangerous.   In today’s LIVE EVENT,  I discussed my own experiencing of using The ICE Method.  I often find it mysterious, and sometimes difficult to identify my own issues – its far easier to see connections in another persons life (and the people I work with sometimes comment on how perceptive I am, without realizing that they literally told me the thing I then mentioned back to them.  Such is the power of our subconsious patterns that they are so automatic as to be hidden from our consciousness.)

So, when I become aware of something not calm in my life, I often find that using The ICE Method doesn’t give an instant complete result.  In fact, when I’m working with myself, I often feel the results are LESS than when I am working with someone else.  That’s probably because the subconscious really is subconscious, below the level of consciousness.  But I have grown to have such confidence in using The ICE Method, that I just keep playing with it.  Whatever feels not calm, I ICE that.  It might be a feeling in my stomach, or an awareness of an emotion such as anger, or an experience or memory that jars my calm.  I ICE what appears, and I don’t worry about the rest. 

Often, when using The ICE Method for myself or with others, the ICE’ing of one issue is like peeling back a layer of the onion.  When that layer is calm, then another aspect comes to mind.  Often when we ICE, we are dealing with long-established patterns and habits, so playing gently and persistently with ICE is something that can yield layer-by-layer results. 

Why am I writing this?  To share my experience with you, and to offer you the encouragement that whenever you are using ICE you are literally bringing calm peptides to the habits formed from your past.  Each time you ICE, you gain a little more freedom in your life, a little more choice in how you will act and react to your environment.  Like the knot in a shoestring, it sometimes comes loose right away.  Other times you keep wiggling the string until the knot is free.  I find both experiences are common when I work with ICE.  When the knot is finally free, you’ll know that you’ve replaces agitated peptides stored from your past with calm peptides you created using The ICE Method. 

I hope this provides you some encouragement for the process.  If you’re a member, and finding yourself stuck, you have access to all the videos of the online course, and the growing community of people who are using ICE to improve their physical and emotional condition.  Habits arose for a reason.  ICE can free us from the grip of those habits that constrain us.  Good wishes for the process, the practice, and the journey.