Quantum and Chemical Connections for Cellular Function

How the Biology of Belief by Bruce Liption informs the healing technique of THE ICE METHODOne of my great joys in life is when new awareness or insight comes.  Here’s a pivotal one about Quantum  Energy and Peptides that came into awareness for me last week.  As with all new insight, I bobble around with the language for a awhile before I learn to express it well.  First bobble. Thanks for your patience.


If you know about The ICE Method, you know that I base it on peptides, those short protein molecules that form as a product of whatever emotion we’re feeling when we have an experience.  These peptide molecules then become part of the “glue” of that particular memory, storing at the synapses that connect the involved brain cells of that experience.  Memory Reconsolidation is the discovery that if you replace those peptides, the emotional content of an old memory can change forever.  The ICE Method provides a simple technique for using consciousness to create new emotional peptides and replace them with old peptides stored in old memories.


This past week I reread Bruce Lipton’s, Biology of Belief (Hay House, 2005) and discovered something I’d missed before. He was writing about his main point, that cells operate based on the information they take in from their environment – the environment provides the signals for cellular and bodily function – not our genes. Environmental signals provide the instruction for our genes – not the other way around. These signals come to the cells as peptide molecules, thus the connection between our consciousness, our thoughts, our mind, and our bodily function.  But cell membranes also have receptors (antennas) that take signals directly from vibrational energy fields – directly from the quantum field.

Receptor “antennas” can also read vibrational energy fields such as light, sound, and radio frequencies….because receptors can read energy fields, the notion that only physical molecules can impact cell physiology is outmoded.  (Bruce Lipton THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, 54-55)

Cells respond directly
to both peptide instructions and quantum field instructions

Quantum and What’s New For Me:

It’s new to me that cell membranes have receptors that take signals DIRECTLY from the quantum field.  Up to now I’ve understood peptides as something like an “intersection” between the quantum energy world, and the physical world we live in.  I believe that every conscious emotion we have stores as a peptide.  Consciousness is energy that connects to the quantum field.  Peptides are matter that instruct the physical body.  When we reconsolidate peptides and bring calm to old agitated peptides – we not only change our physical functioning, we also change our emotional and energetic quantum functioning.  It’s a beautiful vision, but there is more.


The quantum field can be usefully compared as the scientific awareness of the more traditional spiritual insights about spirit, love, universal consciousness and universal interconnection.  In many traditions, enlightenment arises from a process of non-attachment and awareness.  How does this work in terms of cellular understanding and The ICE Method.

  1. Peptides are physical records of consciousness (emotion) stored from experiences in time and space. These are what we can observe from a Newtonian, mechanical perspective of the world
  2. In the present moment we react to these stored peptides from the past.  Most of us live completely from a state of reactivity to these stored peptides that define our emotional reactions to present moment situations based on past experiences.  For many of us our cell membranes are dominated by these physical peptide signals so much that our fight/flight/freeze stress response is often or even always turned on. In this state, we do not perceive the direct but often subtle signals from the quantum field.
  3. Non-attachment is the process of removing reactivity to stored peptides from our past experience.  The ICE Method offers a simple method that directly addresses the replacement of agitated peptides with calm peptides.  These calm peptides are created in The ICE Method when a person observes the “empty space” so that there is nothing for the mind to react to.  In this state, the body returns to its default state of rest and restoration.  With no agitated peptide input, the body now can feel the subtle sense of calm, peace, and relaxation.  I used to attribute this to the production of calm peptides, but I think its also appropriate, based on Lipton’s work, to understand this state as a direct awareness of the interaction between the human cell/body and the quantum field.
  4. So, The ICE Method is an extraordinarily DIRECT method of removing peptide attachments, and growing in awareness of the universal energy of the quantum field.  Identify what’s not calm.  Enter a Calm state, the timeless spaceless state of quantum awareness.  Observe back on the peptide stored from an event in previous time and Exchange the old agitated peptide with a peptide that corresponds to awareness of the universal energy of the quantum field.


Realizing that cell membranes have BOTH peptide receptors and quantum field receptors means that they respond ti the material physical world of time and space and our stored experiences stored as our peptide history.  But cells also respond directly to the quantum field transmitted directly through wave energy – an energy that is described without time or space constraints.  As we use The ICE Method, (or another process that helps us exchange peptides) we grow less reactive and less connected to our emotional history, and as we do so we gain greater access and awareness of the universal, fully interrelated, holographic, conscious awareness of the quantum field.

ICE is such a powerful too in part because it directly addresses the process of awareness and non-attachment.

So…a first stab at putting language to this new insight from cell membrane function.