Reverse Fibromyalgia – Commentary on John Bergman Video

I came upon John Bergman’s Video – HOW TO REVERSE FIBROMYALGIA.  He’s a chiropractor who says he has a 100% success rate in helping people get over fibromyalgia  I highly recommend this video – you’ll learn some really valuable things about traditional medical approaches, about how the body works, and about Bergman’s natural approach to healing.

If Bergman offers 100% healing success, why bother with The ICE Method?

The ICE Method and how Memory Reconsolidation heals the initial trauma that preceeded fibromyalgia

A Fibromyalgia Analogy

You still want to use The ICE Method, because of Memory Reconsolidation.  Strange but true, almost no practitioners have yet heard about Memory Reconsolidation.  I agree with Bergman when he identifies that almost everyone with fibromyalgia has suffered a trauma in the past -either physical, emotional, or chemical. I want to give you a picture of a boxer who gets punched and laid out on the ground from the trauma.  I want to use this picture as a comparison with your fibromyalgia.  And I want to use this picture to explain what I see as the differences between traditional medical treatment,  Bergman’s Natural healing solutoin,  and The ICE Method that uses Memory Reconsolidation.

Traditional Medical Approach to Fibromyalgia: Boxing Analogy

To a large degree traditional medicine focuses on the symptoms of fibromyalgia that occur after the knockout blow.The knockout blow is the original traumatic event (In my work with people that has been everything from a car slipping on ICE, to a husband’s death, to a nurse lifting a patient from their bed and the resulting back pain turning into fibromyalgia).  When the boxer is lying on the ground, he has injuries from the boxing gloves that hit him, and from the scrapes and impact of the fall to the ground.  Traditional medicine would treat the pain from these injuries.  For fibromyalgia, traditional medicine mostly treats the symptom of muscle and fascia pain, stomach pain, brain fog, insomnia, joint pain, or whatever other symptoms a person is experiencing.  There is no attention to the boxing match that caused the trauma.

John Bergman – How to Reverse Fibromyalgia

Bergman’s wonderful video seems like a much more reasonable approach.  Okay, if the person with fibromyalgia has all these symptoms, how do you take care of the CAUSES of the symptoms, rather than just reducing the pain from the symptoms.  This makes so much more sense to me.  So, by chiropractice adjustments, and adjustments to diet and gut health,  Bergman achieves powerful results.   The only thing that I don’t see Bergman doing is to actually go back and RECONSOLIDATE the original trauma so it no longer appears as a trauma.  From what I can gather Bergman helps get the body back into a strong position so the body can take care of itself. Memory Reconsolidation eliminates old traumas from the list of what the body needs to give energy to.  This is a fundamental distinction.

The ICE Method removes the trauma from the body’s operating system.

Traditional medicince and Bergman’s approach appear to have this similarity – both are REACTING to the initial trauma that preceeded fibromyalgia. 

  1. Traditional medicine comes upon the scene of the boxing accident and treats whatever symptoms appear – broken nose, damaged muscles, concussion, whatever. Similarly, with fibromyalgia traditional medicine observes the symptoms after the trauma and mostly concerns itself with medications and surgeries to relieve the pain symptom.s
  2. Bergman recognizes that the trauma is behind all the symptoms.  He knows there was a boxing match that caused all the symptoms. He uses natural methods to create a strong body that heals itself from symptoms and returns to health.  Bergman acknowledges the trauma, but as far as I can tell, he does not use Memory Reconsolidation to remove the charged emotional peptides that were stored in the body and mind from that trauma.
  3. The ICE Method recognizes the trauma, and it goes one step further, it provides a simple method that actually removes the chemistry of the trauma from the body’s operating system.  With The ICE Method there is no longer any emotional chemical charge remaining on the traumatic memory, there’s no longer any fight/flight/freeze activation from the memory, and so…there’s no longer any stress on the body that provided the conditions for the symptoms of fibromyalgia to appear in the first place. When the body is no longer receiving the old chemically signalled stress inputs, it moves naturally into healing mode (Bruce Liption – Biology of Belief) and a reduction or elimination of symptoms is common.
  4. The ICE Method removes the trauma from the punch delivered in the boxing match.  As soon as a person recognizes that the trauma happened in the past, and that no past memory can cause an immediate physical present threat, then anyone can use Memory Reconsolidation to permanently remove the chemical peptide charge that has put the body into a fight/flight/freeze stress response for all this time.

Watch Bergman – I enjoyed the video tremendously, I’d add just one fundamental piece to his presentation – Memory Reconsolidation.


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