A Scientific Basis for the Placebo Effect

MyFibromyalgiaRelief.com uses the chemistry of peptides to change the emotions stored in brain synapses

A synapse between brain cells

Finding brain clues for why emotional and physical pain relief happens is almost as exciting as helping people learn to experience the relief.  Just came across this article title NOT ALL IN THE MIND?. It’s about science that may explain the power of the placebo effect.

“it has been shown that descending neural systems from the midbrain are capable of modulating perception of pain by interacting with neuronal synapses in the spinal cord.”

This article discues how the body sends pain signals to the brain, but the brain can all send pain damping or pain eliminating signals to the body.  That’s amazing and powerful for reducing or eliminating pain.

The brain can send these pain damping signals to specific parts of the body to deal with specific pains, much better than the opioid drugs we take that bombard the entire body with pain damping signals.  What is the signal?  A peptide called enkaphalin.  Why am I excited about that – becaue the ICE Method is based on replacing peptides stored in our synapses so that the instructions to our body can change. LOTS OF OVERLAP HERE!

One example from this article  is soldiers – when they are injured in battle they often don’t feel pain until they are brought out of the battle and into a safe place.  While they’re in the battle their brain is emitting enkaphalin peptides that are going to the nerve synapses in the spinal cord and blocking the transmission of the pain signals.  When the battle is over, the enkaphilins quit being produced and the soldier starts feeling the pain of the injury.

Opioid pain killer medications work the same way, blocking pain signals, but the body itself is able to block pain, and do it much more specifically.  Researchers have identified locations in the brain that can be stimulated to produce these enkaphalins. 

I’m excited – why?  Because my reading of Candace Pert’s MOLECULES OF EMOTION and Bruce Lipton’s BIOLOGY OF BELIEF make it pretty clear that we can influence our brain and body chemistry based on our emotions – our consciousness.  That’s what I’m seeking all the time when I work with people using The ICE Method.  This article provides further illumination of how the process works at the level of the synapse and it describes one of the peptides that is active, enkaphalin.  When people hear PLACEBO, they often dismiss everything they hear afterwards.  Maybe we can benefit if we understand how powerful that mind and consciousness can be in protecting and promoting our health.  Enjoy the article.