SHARE THIS: Fibromyalgia Relief, the book by Lars Clausen – Turn off the fight/flight/freeze stress response

Specifically for people with fibromyalgia.  This YouTube video introduces FIBROMYALGIA RELIEF: A SCIENCE-BASED APPROACH TO HEALING, BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT. 


You turn off your fight/flight/freeze stress response


Your body will return to a state of rest, restoration, and healing,

and this will be good for your health.


Not only can you bring calm to your present moment, the recent discovery of the science of Memory Reconsolidation gives an understanding and very simple process for bringing that calm chemistry to past trauma. This is powerful health news for anyone who has trauma or turbulence in our past history. 

The ICE Method, the process i use to help people bring this calm chemistry into their lives, is a simple and easy, all natural pathway to experiencing the rest state, free from fight/flight/freeze.

If you get this, if this makes sense to you,
please share it with someone who has fibromyalgia. 
Thank you,
Lars Clausen