String Theory, Consciousness and The ICE Method.

What is enlightenment?

Since the last post on Quantum and Chemical Connections, my mind has been on “enlightenment.” This interest started rising when I realized that calming peptides is a literal process of non-attachment. And non-attachment provides one of the central ways of talking about and experiencing the process of enlightenment. A few days ago I came across the website of Rich Archer, Batgap stands for Buddha at the Gas Pump. ICE can take you into some very interesting places, both by the peptides it removes and by the space it clears!

String Theory Physicist John Hagelin – CERN

That’s introduction to this video I’m posting from BatGap. It’s a 90 minute interview with one of the world’s leading physicists who works at CERN, the particle accelerator in Europe. He’s aslo the director of the Maharishi Foundation in the United States, which oversees the teaching of transcendental meditation in the United States. For a world-opening listen, I highly recommend this interview. Enjoy!

1. Easy to listen to.
2. Simply explained.
3. Food for our imagination.