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Facebook Fibromyalgia Support Groups

On FACEBOOK this week, I joined a number of fibromyalgia support groups this week.  now that MyFibromyalgiaRelief is ready to serve people I’m shifting my focus to getting involved in the fibromyalgia community.  Wow – there is SO MUCH PAIN out there.

One facebook group member wrote about how her pain increases when her stress increases.  Since I can’t promote myfibromyalgiarelief.com in these closed support groups, I have the opportunity to engage in the one-on-one conversations that make a difference directly.

Replying to Mary’s facebook post I told her I’d go make a quick video with a process I use to reduce my own stress.  Google Plus is great for making quick videos.  A few minutes later I was back with this suggestion for her.  Maybe information bits like these will help get word out about Memory Reconsolidation, The ICE Method, and turning off our fight/flight stress response.

If you have suggestions for how to get the word out about The ICE Method, I’m all ears.  What I”m hearing this week is just how much pain is out there.

Take Care,