Panic Attacks gone in days using The ICE Method

Panic Attacks gone:

A month ago, I spoke about Memory Reconsolidation and The ICE Method at the Canada EFT Gathering in Vancouver.  Heading home, I wondered what people would do with it?  Turns out that Dennis did exactly the same thing I did when I first became aware of Memory Reconsolidation.  He dived in.  Panic attacks have been resolved, stress is down, and calm is up.

Panic attacks affect many people.  In Dennis’ case, as he shares in this video, he’d end up in dissociation, his brain would stop functioning and his body would stop responding.  Emotional and physical overload were common experiences in his life.  Using The ICE Method, Dennis found he could quickly enter a calm space and this gave him a clear mind and a calm body.  Using The ICE Method, Dennis has been able to bring calm to many of the underlying memories and experiences that had shaped his response to his environment and led to his anxiety and panic attacks.

Here’s a 90 second clip from a recent online conversation he and I shared.